DESCRIPTION:Applications: Saturate steam. water, spearheaded steam etc. Flow signal: 4-20mA; frequency(0-10000Hz); pulse Temp signal: 4-20mA Pressure signal: 4-20mA Communication: Modbus-RS485; RS232 Device power: 110-240V AC; 24V DC MOQ: 1set Payment:

Product Details

Applications: Saturate steam. water, spearheaded steam etc.

Flow signal: 4-20mA; frequency(0-10000Hz); pulse

Temp signal: 4-20mA

Pressure signal: 4-20mA

Communication: Modbus-RS485; RS232

Device power: 110-240V AC; 24V DC

MOQ: 1set

Payment: T/T, LC, PayPal, West Union

Standard Lead Time: 7-10 working days

Shipment: FedEx, DHL, Airline, Sea and others

Package Details: Carton and Wooden